The Quiet Earth Book Festival

The Quiet Earth Book Festival is a celebration of musician authors and enthusiasts – with readings & performances, discussions & stories from Emm Gryner, Jocelyn Rasmussen, Bob Klanac, Nick Panaseiko, Alycin Hayes, Steve Murphy, Gwen Steller, Micheal Joudrey and Brent Jones. It’s happening, Sunday, June 5th from 1-5 p.m. at Quiet Earth - includes information for aspiring writers with representatives from the London, Middlesex & Oxford County Libraries – Michael Holmes of ECW Press, author/editor Jennifer Hale – moderated by journalist/musician Robert Thompson. Independent booksellers Brown and Dickson Books will be on hand - all filmed by acclaimed director Maryam Astaneh. Admission is free. To register your ticket, directions and schedule please visit: