Brent Jones

“Quiet Earth is a gallery of ideas – of sound, words and visions. Galleries are places of reflection and inspiration, of challenge and expression – framing a unique perspective of the world. Every gallery needs a curator – the keeper of the collection – and that is my role at quiet earth – to preserve, build and share an anthology of the human experience within the context of the natural world.”

About Brent

Brent Jones leads a life of artistic pursuit at Quiet Earth. Having recorded 11 albums, and played on dozens more, Brent is recognized for his artistry and community-based approach to music.

Life Journey

For most of his life, Brent has studied and traveled extensively, most often in the creative and musical arts as a composer, performer, producer, engineer, session player, festival organizer, venue and production manager, radio host, writer and adviser. Brent has worked with Grammy, Juno and Emmy award winning engineers, producers and musicians in studios and on stages around the world – releasing 11 projects – and contributing to hundreds of others, while also compiling an extensive collection of field recordings – captured throughout his global travels.

Quiet Earth – a 115 acre farm, production and performance facility just outside London, Ontario — has been the lifelong home and creative centre for Brent — shaping his artistic approach and perspective – one that seeks to build sustainable creative communities that combine artistic expression with natural systems.

As a writer, Brent’s work has appeared in various publications. He has published several books of observations and poetry, including Antheap, Dark Matter, A Leisurely Panic, A Boat Full of Ocean and A Valley of Mountains.

A photographer with a large portfolio of work – focusing on natural light, ecology, travel and architecture, Brent’s photography has appeared in numerous forums including album covers, artist promos, newspapers and websites

Jones has been active in the Political Sciences with a life-long history of work in community and global initiatives, student and local politics, international and regional social and environmental organizations – through both creative projects and applied action. Jones studied Political Science at the University of Western Ontario and has travelled extensively, venturing to unique and rarely explored places – immersing himself in local grassroots customs – while also finding himself in urban centres like New York City, London, and Berlin. Jones works to build bridges between opposing views and positions – seeking to find common solutions – a middle ground of mutual benefit and respect – creating an open dialogue to understanding.

Brent Jones and Associated Artists


1. As Fate Would Have It (1995)

2. Short Cuts (1996)

3. Antheap (2000)

4. A Meeting of Tribes: The Gathering Storm (2001)

5. Zurich (2002)

6. The Grid (2006)

7. Superbeings (2008)

8. The Lack of Everything (2011)

9. Black Heart Machine: Ruins of Our Greatness

10. Coincidence Makes A Miracle (2016)

11. Black Heart Machine: On Its Head (2017)


1. Antheap (2000)

2. Dark Matter (2002)

3. A Leisurely Panic (2020)

4. A Boat Full Of Ocean (2020)

5. A Valley of Mountains (2021)