Lunar Bliss – Heartberry – featuring Luc Julian

Immerse yourself in an evening of sweet serenity at Lunar Bliss: HEARTBERRY. Join us under the Strawberry Full Moon for an unforgettable experience with the awe-mazing Luc Julian. We're in for a treat!!!
Event Highlights:
* Song & Sound: Relax and unwind with soothing melodies with Luc Julian.
* Synth Bath: Let the ambient music elevate your senses with TaToE & Friends.
* Intuitive Dance: Move freely and connect with your inner rhythm.
* Community Art Project: Pass the Paintbrush. Express yourself through collaborative artwork with KD Flowscapes
* Fire Gathering: Share stories and laughter by the warm glow of the fire as we watch the moon rise. Drums, flutes, shakers are welcome.
Inclusive & Accessible. Drug & Alcohol Free: Enjoy a family friendly evening with like-minded individuals