Events & Booking

Events, Film & TV Production

From concerts to yoga retreats, weddings large and small, as well as other celebrations, Quiet Earth’s restored barn is an unforgettable destination for your event.

With a capacity of up to 140, the historic barn, which saw significant investment in recent years, is a spectacular location for events big and small.


The Quiet Earth barn has hosted musical events for numerous years. From hosting the opening evening of the Back to the Garden Festival, through to holding album launches, the barn offers great sightlines and wonderful natural acoustics. Whether you’re a national touring act, or a band local to the London and Woodstock region, the Quiet Earth barn is a setting unlike any other in the area.


The barn presents a rustic and authentic opportunity to hold a wedding that your guests will never forget. With the ability to welcome up to 140 people, the barn will create a space that will add to your special day. Quiet Earth only holds a select number of weddings each season, so contact us to determine whether there’s availability. The barn can provide chairs and tables, or you can rent from a supplier. With permanent bathrooms, the barn provides a unique setting while remaining current with necessary government codes and standards.

Other Events

From yoga retreats to video productions, Quiet Earth’s barn has been used by people from across Canada in recent years. Sheltered from the elements, but connected to the historic property, the barn brings people together in a truly unique way.

Film and Television Production

Set on over 100 acres of rolling farm and forest, Quiet Earth has hosted numerous video and film shoots in recent years. With various natural features, historic buildings, as well as an array of props, antiques and curios, audio and visual equipment – and a set building workshop — Quiet Earth abounds with opportunities for those interested in producing film and television productions.